Guitar Maintenance


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Guitar Modification 

Changing guitar strings

It is important to keep your guitar strings as fresh as possible to make playing easier and more tuneful. There is no guide as to how long a set of strings will last for, it all depends on the individual. Once you start to see signs of corrosion, surface rust or the strings are sounding very flat and lifeless then it’s a good time for a change. There are many styles of guitar and each is strung in its own specific way, you may find guides online showing you how to re-string your guitar, however if you are unsure let DSP Guitar Tuition do it for you.


DSP Guitar Tuition offers a string changing service:

Full re-string= £10

If you are unsure of what strings to buy then I can offer advice on which to choose.  


Caring for your guitar 

It is important that you look after you instrument properly if you want it to perform at its best and last for many years.


Humidity and temperature 

Guitars are wooden so are very susceptible to temperature changes. Try to keep your guitar in a room that is not damp or that gets exceptionally hot/cold. If left in these conditions for long periods it can cause serious damage to the instrument. If you take your guitar from one extreme temperature to another try to leave it in the case to climeatise for a good 30 minutes.


Correct storage

You can store your guitar in many ways; wall hangers, stands, case either hard or soft. Neither of these storage methods is bad for your guitar. If you play it very regular then a stand or a wall hanger is ideal for quick easy access. Try not to leave it near a radiator as the heat will damage the finish and will cause the neck to shift. The guitars painted finish can also be damaged and faded by direct sunlight over long periods of time, whenever possible leave the guitar out of direct sunlight. If the guitar is not to be used for a while then it is best to store it in a case to keep it away from environmental effects. 


Regular string changes 

Change your strings regularly to keep the guitar sounding and playing fresh. If you keep your guitar in a case you will find that the strings will last considerably longer than if it left out on a stand or wall hung. Also a pro tip is to wipe down your strings after you have finished playing to remove any excess sweat or moisture that can build up on the strings, this will keep your strings feeling and sounding newer for longer.



These are like a service for a car, if you want your instrument to play and perform at its best then it is a good idea to have it setup. There are various levels or setups and work that can be done to make your guitar play how you want it to. Maybe your strings are too high or too low. There are many factors to correcting this and making your guitar feel great. The situations below are common reasons for getting a setup on your guitar.

-Strings are too high or low

-Change of string gauge

-Has not been used for many years

-Doesn’t play like it use to



Although having a dirty guitar will still work it is good practise to care for the instrument wherever possible. Cleaning the guitar whenever the strings are changed is an ideal time to do so. Keeping the paint polished and the fret board clean will make the overall learning and playing experience much more enjoyable. Guitar cleaning products are cheap and they last for a long time, the main two to purchase are a polish for the body and a fret board cleaner and lubricant if your neck is made or rose wood or ebony.   



When travelling with your instrument remember it is fragile and it is best to get the best case that you can afford. For airline or van travel I highly recommend a good quality hard case/ flight case. For general car travel and carrying a good quality gig bag will do the job fine. Try to minimise the chances of the guitar being bashed or thrown around and also its exposure to extreme temperature changes.