Guitar Set-ups article

Above is a link to a short article that breaks down the basics of each section of setting up an electric guitar.

Setting up your own guitar can be quite a scary and confusing subject, many guitarist don't ever learn to set up their own instruments. I have spend many years tinkering with my own guitars finding out what works and what doesn't, adding to my knowledge and skills as the years went on. I am by no means a skilled luthier I leave that work to the pros. I made many stupid mistakes over the years and ill be the first to admit to not having a clue what I was doing. However if all the fundamentals on your guitar are ok then there is no reason why you cannot set up your own instrument. If you make a mistake it is generally reversible with a turn of a screw driver. My advice is always make small adjustments and check your work, never take large turns with any adjustment on an instrument unless you fully know what you are doing. And finally if in doubt or it has all gone wrong then ask for help.

The Benefit?
Playing a guitar that is set-up properly not only feels better to play but it will help speed up your learning and playing if that is your desire. Trying to learn on a badly set-up guitar will make it harder to play meaning you may struggle to play even simple guitar song a lot more. Many of my students will play my teaching guitar and say "wow that's so easy to play" and they generally play what they are learning better.