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Dunlop CryBaby Documentary

DUNLOP CRYBABY Document 'the pedal that changed everything'

The crybaby or WahWah pedal is one of the most recognised sounds in the guitar world, used on countless recordings over the years and is still in use by many today. Above is a link to a documentary that has some of the most recognised guitarist and producers talking about how the pedal came to be and its multiple applications across music. Like most a WahWah pedal was the first effect pedals that I purchased way back at the early stages of my playing. 

I decided a WahWah was the pedal for me after watching Zakk Wylde use one in a live dvd that I had. I was fixated on the swooping tones that he would get as he built up the intensity in his solos. Every guitarist uses the WahWah in many different ways some find a sweet spot and play around in that area some simply move the pedal up and down as they solo away. Most famous guitarist have their own signature version of the pedal all based around the original CryBaby design which will stand the test of time.