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Alternative fret board clean product

For many years I have been doing setups on my own guitars as well as students guitars. And part of that setup process has always been cleaning the neck of the guitar. I have always used the products recommend by music shops and other guitar players which has always been trusty lemon oil, however in recent months I have discovered that this may not be the best product to use. 

In some cases lemon oil has been known to dissolve the glue used to hold your frets and inlays in place causing all kinds of issues. Also consistent use of lemon oil on your guitars fret board can dry out the wood rather than add moisture. I personally have never had any of these issues over the years of use, however I only use lemon oil maybe once a year as my guitar necks are not dry. People say the best way to oil your guitar neck is to play it as your own natural oils will keep the neck moist. I guess this depends how much that guitar is played and the conditions that it is kept.

Alternate products: I have been recommended using boil oil and my neck as well as linseed oil, since I don't condition my necks much I haven't as yet had chance to try these products and I wont use students guitars as test subjects which to test other products on. Two new products have now been recommended to me which I am going to try the main one being:


Dr. Ducks Ax Wax







This product can be used on any part of the guitar neck, body and even strings. It contains nothing bad that can harm your instrument in anyway. I have recently purchased a bottle of Dr Ducks for two reasons, one because the bottle looks killer and two because it comes very highly recommended from a trusted source.  I will use this product and report back on my findings.