Exams for guitar


Do I need to take guitar exams?

Whether or not to take guitar exams is completely up to the student, (Its is not essential to learning the guitar).

Exams are a great way to gauge your progress on the instrument as they provide you with a physical representation of your efforts. Exams are generally more popular with children as the exam syllabus provides structure for the child along their learning and at the end they will have a recognised certificate and qualification to carry with them throughout their school years.

Taking musical grades are a must for any student looking to become a higher education student in a music school or college. They are also great for professional musicians to have on their music C.V, as it will automatically show their musical abilities to potential employers.

That said you could learn the guitar and become a great player without ever having taken a single grade. In fact most of the professional players that are highly regarded have never taken an exam in the lives.


DSP Guitar Tuition uses the following exam boards:

  • Trinity College of London- Rock school grades 0-8
  • Trinity College of London- Rock and Pop grades 0-8
  • RGT Electric and Acoustic guitar grade 0-8
  • ABRSM Music theory in practise grades 1-5

For more information on exam pleases visit the boards websites.