Focused Guitar Practise

Get More from your practise time

No matter how long you have to practise the guitar in a week make sure you make the most of the time that you get. Set a goal either for that practise session, that week or for that month if its especially challenging. Popular guitar tuition books will have you break your session up into timed chunks that have specific areas to work on, however I personally find that I get too involved in working on one area and will over run on the time limit every time. So I will focus on one area for that session or that week and work on improving area. However this could cover multiple practises, for example this week I have been working on every position in the major scale ascending and descending in groups of four notes. I have focused my practise time to working on one position at a time to make sure that each one is given equal amounts of time.

Certain areas of guitar playing take longer to master than others and will require various levels of work. If you are just working on one chord voicing then you could mix that up with other aspects of practising to make sure your sessions are fun and varied. There is no one way to practise as it is individual and personal, some people like to focus on just one thing at a time and others like multiple areas of which to mix up when practising. Keep practising and experimenting with your practise time and you will find what works for you in time.