Guitar fret board layout


It is important to learn the notes on the guitar neck, as this will help you to gain a better understanding of music and all the aspects that make up chords and scales. Below is a diagram that displays the notes from the open strings to the 12th fret, which is the point where the notes begin to cycle and start over again.

As you can see each string has the same amount of notes and they form in the same order, it just depends on which note the string starts on. 



The musical alphabet is much like the normal alphabet however it finishes at G and then cycles back around to A.


A B C D E F G (A) – this is how the musical alphabet looks without any accidentals i.e sharps or flat notes.  


A  A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# (A)- this is the musical alphabet in its entirety and as you can see every not apart from B to C and E to F has a sharp note that follows. Depending on the situation and the musical key these sharps can also be called flat notes. The most effective way to learn the fret board is to learn one string at a time. Start on the low E string from the open string to the 12th fret and learn the notes that sit on the frets marked by your fret inlays i.e fret 3, 5 ,7 9 and 12. Then fill in the gaps that surround those frets.