Beginner Guitar scales


Learning scales are a great way for a beginner player to gain independent finger control and strength.  It is also a step into learning the notes on the guitar in small manageable sections that later will prove useful in song learning and improvising. For advanced students scales are a must learn in order to become proficient on the instrument and have a full understanding of the guitar.


Here is a tab of the open first position of a C major scale. The numbers refer to the frets that are to be played and the 6 lines are the strings. The bottom line is the 6th Low E string and the top line is the high E string.  This is a great scale for beginners and will be found in most early guitar grade books. 


Here is the next scale that you may wish to try, a minor pentatonic scale. Which is a 5 note minor scale, which is greatly used in rock, blues, jazz and many other styles of guitar playing.