Guitar warm up exercises


There are many exercises out there in the world of the guitar each one designed to help you better your technique in a certain area. Below are two very standard warm up exercises that you will find most professional players using across all playing styles.

Warming up is a must for any guitar player it will allow you to play with your full potential as well as avoiding any injuries that can occur. In this example you are assigning each finger to a fret and using all four fingers to move across all 6 strings. Try to use alternate picking, down and up picks in order to build that technique at the same time. This exercise is great for build fluidity in your playing both in the left and right hands; it will also help to build coordination between the two hands. Remember to stay relaxed and play this at a steady pace as it is designed as a warm up.


This exercise again is a great warm up, it has some tricky movements so take it nice and slow making sure each note is clear. You can pick this exercise again with alternating picks or you can pick it with a sweeping motion of continuous down and up strokes to match the direction your fingers are going.