Music theory for guitar


Music theory a word that strikes fear into a lot of beginners, I get a lot of people at first telling me they don’t know how to read music. The guitar is a great instrument that you can go your entire playing career without ever reading a single note of traditional music score. The guitar has developed its own music notation call ‘TAB” which is a series of numbers and symbols.  The system will enable you to learn almost any song you wish as well as make a physical record any guitar ideas you come up with.

At DSP Guitar Tuition I split music theory for guitar into two usable sections:

  1. Practical theory
  2. Written theory


Practical theory

I teach usable real world skills that can be for jamming with your friends, being in a band or just for your own use for fun. Such skills include improvising, how chords and scales work and are built, writing your own music, working out songs by ear and most importantly I teach the fundamentals of that form all music, Rhythm, melody and harmony.


Written theory

I pick out the core parts that relate directly to the guitar as traditional music theory does not all apply to the guitar. Music theory is a study of written notation that applies to all instruments at various levels most of which is now being modernised in contemporary music books.