DSP Guitar Tuition Student Testimonials

"After trying to play the guitar for several months and not progressing it was time to either give up or find tuition. I started taking lessons with dale and immediately improved and still 18 months on continue to improve and learn songs i never would have been able to play. Very patient and knowledgeable cannot recommend enough."

Dave Sampson


"I've been having lessons with Dale for over 2 years now, and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar. He's helped me massively to develop my playing skills."

Matt Tritton


"I would happily recommend Dale as a tutor to anyone, he's friendly, very knowledgable and has really improved my guitar playing ability."

Kerry Hartshorn 


"Excellent tutor, very patient, and tailored lessons to your own likes, and musical tastes. Highest recommendations!!"

Jay Wood


"All My Improvments are because of you dude"

Guy Johnson


"I've been taught by Dale for about18 months and very pleased with the progress I have made. He is very knowledgable of different music genres, his style is very relaxed yet informative.I have no hesitation in recommending him to other guitarists."

Martin Cooper


"Been playing here for about 3 years now and I am very pleased with my lessons as they are very helpful and I have noticed alot of progress in my guitar playing. The lessons are suited to my guitar playing style and ability and not one of them is boring. Its a nice cosy environment which helps with concentration whilst playing which is obviously helpful."

Sasha Assad 


"I thought he was having me on… when he told me he could get me improvising within a week. I was wrong.

I've had no formal guitar tuition before I met Dale Preston and had been learning off youTube like a lot of other people.

The leaps and bounds that we have jumped in terms of technique, scale knowledge, rhythm keeping, improvising, chord knowledge, guitar gear knowledge, guitar gear maintenance, tone generation and practice discipline has placed a rock solid foundation for me to grow on. We learnt a few songs along the way and Mr.Preston always knows how to push a guitarist past the next "bloomin" frustrating $*&^@*ing plateau.

Well priced and cozy practice room… n lets not forget what a great guy he is! I recommend."

Ajayjit Singh


"Many years ago I picked up the guitar and tried self-teaching methods without any real success.  I could play a few basic open chords and that was about it. In the end I got frustrated and gave up.

Fast forward 20 odd years and I decided to do it properly and get help from a professional tutor. 

I was nervous in my first lesson at DSP but after discussing my goals and band preferences with Dale, his manner set me at ease and he set me on the road to becoming a rock god (…well perhaps just in my mind).

Dale is a true professional.  He is very patient and his knowledge of music, guitars and guitarists is awesome.  He is always very encouraging and tailors every lesson to get the best out of his students, and his students get their money’s worth.

Things that used to be a mystery to me (e.g. scales, barre chords etc) are now becoming much clearer as he has a way of explaining things that can be easily understood.

After a few weeks I was actually playing lead guitar, and I am really chuffed with the progress I have made in a relatively short space of time.  I would recommend Dale to anyone who wants to learn the guitar.  He really knows his stuff and his prices are definitely good value for money.

I’m in my 50’s so it’s never too late to learn and Dale really has taught an old dog new tricks!"