Is Hair Metal Back?

Here is a great small article on the band Steel Panther and Vh1 thoughts on the state of hair metal in the current music ranks.

For all that know me well they know that I am a big fan of this genre. Generally I find that the musicians in this genre are all skilled at the chosen craft. This makes for some great song writing, of course there are quite a few hair bands that should not make the ranks of the bigger bands mentioned in the article above. I am still discovering new bands of this genre all the time, in fact just the other week I came across the band 'Tyketto' after listening to planet rock. This band is typical of that era and host a great selection of albums and cracking tunes. For me modern music has become inherently miserable and dull with taking musical simplicity to it absolute maximum. There are many great bands still out there but they are not getting the recognition that they deserve as they perhaps have more than a one line chorus and dare I say it a guitar solo. 

The hair bands of the 1980s represents a time when it was ok to make happy music that could actually sell and that had a level of complexity to it. For me hair metal has never died, with what Steel Panther has achieved it is great to see this genre being brought back to the ranks of modern music. I cant see Steel Panther stopping any time soon as they are going from strength to strength with each year. I personally enjoy their music, I know its a bit tongue in cheek but that is what is so great about it. Its fun to listen to and it represents all the best parts of that genre, massive chorus lines that stick in your head for years and crazy guitar solos. Music is a form of entertainment and should be enjoyable so why not inject some comedy into the music and live shows while your at it.