Guitar Lesson Types


DSP Guitar Tuition has guitar lesson types to cater for everyone no matter your age or skill level. Whether you are a complete beginner who has never even touched a guitar before to advanced players looking to gain new skills.


Duration Based 

Just me and you in the studio for either a 20, 30 or 60 minute session, we will work towards you individual goals.


Complete beginners

DSP Guitar Tuition specialises in beginner guitar players of any age. My aim is to get you playing the right way first time. No bad habits to overcome later or bad technique. You will be shown the basics right from your first lessons, which will enable you to start playing songs as quickly as possible with great success.


Advanced players

If you are a seasoned player looking to improve your skills, learn new skills or simply go in a new direction with your playing then DSP Guitar Tuition will have something for you.


Trouble shooting

Perhaps you are stuck in rut with your playing? Don’t know how to take the next step? Then DSP Guitar Tuition will watch you play and analyse your playing, looking closely at your technique and knowledge of the guitar to find areas for further development.


Deconstruction/ Reconstruction

DSP Guitar Tuition will help you to strip your playing right back to basics to make sure that there are no flaws or bad habits often hampering a well-advanced guitar player. We will ensure every part of your playing is 100% solid from the ground up. This will be achieved through a process of deconstructing your playing and then reforming it a piece at a time with all the small niggles corrected in order for you to be a complete well rounded player.


Returning to the guitar

Perhaps you have played before and have taken a long break and need a reminded of the basics. 


Group lessons

DSP Guitar Tuition can cater for a small group no larger than two students at one time. Contact me to discuss this further…


Syllabus based/ Exam Preparation

If you are preparing for an exam or thinking of taking exams then DSP Guitar Tuition can help you to achieve success in your exams. I will make sure that you have all the skills and preparation required in order to achieve a top grade in your exams. At DSP Guitar Tuition the exam boards that are torte are ABRSM and Trinity College of London. Other boards considered contact me to discuss other options.  


Song learning

This is important to help build up your musical memory for songs and help to improve you timing and rhythm. DSP Guitar Tuition will help you to learn to your favourite songs and also provide you will songs that you will enjoy but will be chosen to help you learn a new technique or help to build on existing skills. DSP Guitar Tuition will provide you with a written tablature, PDF or guitar pro file of the song you are learning.  



Learn all the scales and playing techniques required to improvise over many styles of music. You will be surprised how quickly DSP Guitar Tuition can get you jamming over a backing track. DSP Guitar Tuition is actively involved in open jam sessions so will be able to provide you will a live situation for you to practise your newly acquired improvisational skills.


Technique building

Very important for any guitar style, having good guitar technique will help you to become a more competent player across all guitar styles. DSP Guitar Tuition will provide you with a variety of songs and exercises to focus you learning in certain areas of you technique. 


Artist style study

If you have a favourite guitarist or band DSP Guitar Tuition can help you to learn the aspects of that player or band that gives them there specific sound. Perhaps you want to learn the feel and tone of many famous blues guitarists or you want to learn the licks and artistry of the shredding virtuoso players, no matter what the style you will be guided and given the material to learn the workings of the great players and bands. DSP Guitar Tuition will break down the tones, licks, gear and specific rhythms or musical traits that these greats use to wow us with their skills.


Learning to perform

DSP Guitar Tuition actively encourages students to perform whenever possible as performance is a great learning experience and is key to a student’s development. DSP Guitar Tuition will also help you to become a confident performer and teach you the required skills to perform live. DSP Guitar Tuition is actively involved in open mic/ jam nights that will provide you with a friendly environment in which to practise performance skills. This provides a great base for you to learn songs in your sessions and perform them at open mic sessions either with myself, with a band or solo. 


Practical Theory 

DSP Guitar Tuition will teach you theory that you can use when in a live or song writing situation. Writing music theory are also available and can be combine with practical theory in order to great a well rounded knowledge of the guitar and written music theory. With practical theory you will learn such things as the notes on the fret board, intervals, scales, how chords are made and how to create your own chords.


The Studio  

DSP Guitar Tuition has a purpose build studio that provides you with a comfortable and relaxed learning atmosphere. With all the equipment and resources that you will need to help aid you’re learning. The studio is packed with books and learning materials that cater for many styles of guitar. There is space for you to bring your own amplifier if you would like. There is also a loner guitar available for students who want to start lessons but have not yet got an instrument.