Dogs in Caves Gig Overview

Dogs in Caves Gig Overview

Dogs in Caves

So I was playing with my band 'Corruption Policy' the other night at The Maze, which was looking to be a fairly standard issue gig and line up for other bands. I hadn't heard of any of the other bands on the bill which is fairly common for a mid week gig at the maze, then this acoustic duo pop on stage and I could tell from their set up that something good was about to happen. 

Again I had no pre conceived ideas as to what this duo was about to play, however when they started I was blown away. Their music was clearly thought out and well composed which it has to be when it comes to instrumental music. The worst kind of instrumental music is where the music just sounds like one big jam with no over riding structure or movement. Dogs in Caves music has many rhythmic and tonal variations throughout the cleverly titled tracks. There was a perfect blend of open tunings as well eastern sounding influences in the melodies. 

The stage performance also was great, when playing this kind of music I wouldn't expect them to be jumping around the stage. The lads were clearly enjoying them selves on stage which came through in the overall performance of the set. Great duo that I expect to grow as they progress with this project.  

Check these guys out here